Dr. Mayheu is a Chiropractor and a nutritionist who wants to help you realize your full potential and believes everyone has the innate ability to become the best version of themselves, and is ready to help you on your journey. Family values are important as a wife and mother to two beautiful children Emily and Mattox and a big furry dog Smitty. Having had her own set of physical challenges both early in life and recently after the birth of her second child Mattox, she has great empathy for the type of pain that brings patients to her office because she has been there herself. She knows what it is like to work hard to recover from physical ailments and wants to guide you and be there by your side as you evolve into a state of true well being.

Expert Chiropractic Care

At Fayette Family Wellness we believe that “the power that made the body heals the body”.  The body is capable of amazing things if you give it the right support.  Our focus is on a proactive preventative lifestyle.  While many of our patients are in a state of pain and need acute healing interventions, it is our goal to educate our patients and direct them out of pain and into a state of well being and truly thrive.  We want to empower you!  Our staff strives to get you out of pain and keep you out of pain.  Healing takes time and once you reach that state of well being, we want you to stay there, so you can focus on what you enjoy in life.  If you focus on the paradigms of good health you can be the best you that you can be.  These paradigms are Chiropractic, nutrition, proper sleep/rest, proper movement, positive mindset, and stress reduction.


A referral is the highest honor our business can receive. We love when our patients share their experiences with their friends and family.

This place is AWESOME! Staff couldn’t be any more friendly! But Dr. Alisha is my lifesaver! I have been going to a chiropractor for 2 months in my town, but he was treating the wrong thing! So I made the 3 hour trip to Dr. Alishas office, and it was worth every mile! I walked out feeling a lot better then I did when I walked in, will definitely be going back! If you have any chiropractic needs, give Dr Alisha a try, you will not be disappointed!!!


Have found great relief to my back, shoulders, neck. Been going here for several years now on a regular basis to maintain my overall mobility and plan to continue to do so. Thanks for the great care.


I love everyone at Fayette Family Wellness. They are so good about working with your schedule and feel like family.